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Strategic Management Services


Are you as successful as you should be?  Are you progressing toward your goals?  Where is your industry heading?  What will your operating environment look like in five years?  What are the key success factors to your organization's growth?


Few organizations succeed without a plan.  Underperforming organizations never take the time to develop a plan, don't know where to begin, try but never finish, finish but never use, or assume they don't need a plan.  Today's busy leaders and managers are consumed by daily operations at the expense of investment in future competitiveness. 


Rethink your approach!  Plan your work!  Work your plan!  Improve your results!


QMI can reenergize your organization, from taking each day as it comes, to planning, accomplishing and exceeding your goals, without wasting time.  We help you assess and evaluate - honestly, accurately, and objectively - where you are in your field, where you can be, and how you get there.


We balance the science and art of strategy and planning for organizations of all types.  Our approach is a unique combination of maturity, commitment, intensity, and hands-on pragmatism, which delivers results.


QMI's strategic management services include:


  • strategic and long range plans
  • customer and market research
  • industry and competitive analyses
  • best practice and benchmark studies
  • external assessments and environmental scans
  • attitude and opinion surveys
  • management audits and organizational assessments
  • project and tactical plans
  • project, risk and quality management systems and assessments
  • feasibility, organization and program evaluations
  • business and new venture plans
  • economic development and special research studies.


Our approach includes analyses of the major forces driving your organization's external environment, internal organization, customers, competitors, and other stakeholders, together with financial modeling to quantify and test alternative strategic scenarios.


We reveal and align your enterprise's values, vision and mission; customer and stakeholder expectations; operating unit strategies; and individual and team performance.  We help you to translate strategy into concrete, coordinated business, financial, customer, social and environmental performance targets; and to monitor and measure your results. 


You will emerge with customer driven goals, objectives and strategies.  You will better allocate and align valuable personnel, time, information and capital; and you will maximize your desired outcomes.


QMI is well-qualified to lead you on this journey.  We have been there,  having guided private, public and nonprofit enterprises through planning processes for nearly 20 years. 


We don't theorize.  We provide practical, hands-on experience in strategy and results-oriented implementation.  We contribute expertise, seasoned judgement, distinctive analytical skill, independent viewpoint, and objective perspective, to produce meaningful results.


The benefits to you are decisive action in pursuit of your vision, informed direction in pursuit of your goals, improved service to your customers, enhanced team cohesion, greater organizational efficiency, and increased stakeholder value.


Success is more than chance.  It's a matter of choice.